If you want to scale research, you will need a strategy. But strategy can seem tricky, and it's not everyone's strength. Whether you need to devise an overarching ResearchOps strategy, or strategies for discrete efforts like democratising research, fixing participant recruitment, or hiring the right people, I can help.


  1. Let's Chat

    If you'd like help defining and executing a strong strategy but are unsure how big the job is, how we might work together, or whether I'm a good fit, schedule a quick chat or email me. If you decide to work with me, we'll tackle steps 2-5.

  1. Scope

    Together, we'll define a purpose and scope for the strategy so that energy is spent in all the right places. We'll uncover the drivers behind tackling specific research challenges and opportunities and the value that solving them will deliver to the business. This phase will result in a plan for working together and where to focus.

  1. Insight

    To facilitate a smart strategic approach, I'll need to understand the problem/opportunity space. This involves listening sessions, desk research, and getting to know how people work, think, and feel – often by mapping existing workflows. As a result, we'll tackle the right problem and take the best approach.

  1. Approach

    Working together, we'll define strategic priorities and practical approaches for achieving goals by shifting how research operates day-to-day. By the end of this phase, you'll have a documented plan detailing the resources to acquire, what to measure, and whom to hire to achieve results. Our engagement could end here, or I can help guide delivery.

  1. Delivery

    Good operations are always delivered in collaboration with permanent staff. This way, operations can be matured and sustained once I walk out the door. I can offer ad hoc advice, guide day-to-day decision-making through regular advisory sessions, or be more hands-on when tasks are foundational, like hiring the right people for a job.

Want a no-nonsense approach to strategy? Reach out.