In Brief

Want to master the setup of scalable research systems? I run one-day masterclasses that cover everything from the fundamental principles of ResearchOps to defining an operations strategy and bringing it to life.

The Nuts & Bolts of ResearchOps

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Even if you're an old hand at ResearchOps, it can be easy to miss what makes research scalable and ResearchOps tick. In this eight-hour virtual workshop (split over two four-hour sessions), you'll explore what it takes to make a research practice scalable and how to set up a research operating system that supports it.

Workshops are kept small, with a maximum of 25 people, so you can ask questions and make connections.

Is This Workshop for You?

This workshop is aimed at operations professionals, research leaders, and researchers. But if you're just plain curious, you're welcome.

Topics Covered

  • Why strategy is crucial to delivering research that's scalable and valuable.
  • How to devise a research and ResearchOps strategy.
  • What "value" means in research and how to measure it.
  • How to turn strategic priorities into operations (and why that's important).
  • When and how to use the ResearchOps Planning Matrix©.
  • How to plan operations that deliver value and stand the test of time.


  • You'll know how to think operationally.
  • A flexible framework for planning operations that are realistic and achieve goals.
  • An outline of a custom-fit strategy and what to do next.
  • You'll never see ResearchOps the same way again.

Cost: USD$850.00


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