ResearchOps is a diverse and challenging job and it's normal not to have all the answers. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned professional, I can help you brainstorm strategies, challenge ideas, connect with the right people, and devise the right approach.


  1. 3-5 Sessions

    A one-hour coaching session rarely hits the spot. I want to help you make real progress, so I offer sessions in a block. I've supported people taking on a new challenge, helped managers reinvigorate a team battered by change, reviewed hiring plans, and helped ResTech founders shape their approach.

  1. Professional Growth

    I meet many talented ResearchOps professionals who feel stuck in their roles or don't know how to grow their skills. I can help you (or your team) spot gaps, devise growth plans, and leverage existing skills to build momentum and confidence.

  1. Bespoke

    If you have a unique coaching need, let me know. I can facilitate growth workshops, upgrade the whole team's performance with a multifaceted coaching package, or drop in every month to review critical decisions.

Interested in boosting your career or your team? Let's connect.