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For more than a decade, I've been at the forefront of ResearchOps. I'm the author of Research That Scales: The Research Operations Handbook (Rosenfeld) and the inventor of the widely used acronym PWDR (pau·duh) for "people who do research". I wrote some of the earliest blog posts about setting up research operations, founded the ResearchOps Community and launched the #WhatisResearchOps movement, putting ResearchOps on the map. In 2019, I stepped back from the Community and started the Cha Cha Club, a members' club for full-time ResearchOps professionals, which I run to this day. Over twenty years, I've delivered operations in e-commerce, education, government, retail, and tech. I built and managed the Atlassian research operations team, widely recognised as the benchmark for scaling research services and systems to hundreds of people. I now help companies of all shapes and sizes to get the most value possible out of research–to turbocharge growth through an organised and ethical learning culture.



Research That Scales

The Research Operations Handbook

Most organisations fail to tap into the game-changing power of research. Research That Scales is the ultimate playbook for transforming your research practice, whatever its size or shape, into an impactful and efficient insight-generating engine. Use it to plan, manage, and scale a research practice that can truly propel the business forward.

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